#03d: Fair Play/Sporting Manager (Manager/Player Sportsmanship)

3d) Fair Play/Sporting Managers:
Each club shall play its full available strength in all competition matches, unless some satisfactory reason is given. Managers' who show a clear lack of respect for the competition in which their team is playing in, or behave in an unsporting manner will risk being punished. A few of examples of this would be:

i) Where a manager takes control at a team for the sole purpose of benefiting a few players/friends by giving them maximum contracts, whilst not being able to provide good competition for their opponents. 

ii) Where a manager shows a lack of respect for the game, by failing to field a full strength team for the sole purpose of providing easier competition for their opponents.

iii) Where two teams fix the result of a competitive match, for the purpose of benefiting one, or both teams. A competitive match is defined as an official, or unofficial league or cup competition.