#03c: Managers disrespect towards other users/teams (Manager/Player Sportsmanship)

3c) Managers disrespect towards other users/teams:

Managers arriving at a team must take into consideration that the team contains active footballers and they must respect the wishes and feelings of those footballers. Failing to do so will result in action taken against the user.

This can include but is not limited to an action where a manager takes over a team and does the following:
   - changing the team training time to something completely unrelated to the team.
   - changing the team positional training to something unrelated to that position (i.e. shooting strength for a GK)
   - drastically changing team information without consulting the team first, e.g:
       * Team Name / Colour / Logo / Description
   - transfer listing a group of players without first talking to them.
   - locking the players out of the team forum.
   - trying to force players out of the club because they are not of a particular nationality/religion