#03f: Realistic Transfers (Manager/Player Sportsmanship)

3f) Realistic Transfers:

A transfer (from one team to another) should be done in a realistic way with regards to price and player movement between teams. The following important rules should be followed:

i) A footballer should not be transferred back and forth between teams in order for one of the teams to earn money on the transfer or for one of the teams to loan a player from another team. The result of a transfer should be that the footballer really change teams in order to play for the new team for a longer time.

ii) Unrealistic prices (for instance paying way more than the minimum release fee) is not allowed. There is really no reasonable explanation to why a team should have to pay more than the minimum release fee. If you still find such a transfer necessary you should have a very good reason for it and this reason should be clearly communicated in a press release or in the forums.

iii) Unrealistically low transfers. It is not allowed to buy or sell several footballers from one team to another for an unrealistic amount of money, that does not represent their footballer value.

As a manager you are only appointed manager for a team (you don't own it) so if you make poor financial decisions for a team you will not be the only one suffering from it, the team itself and its footballers will.